why tall guys love short females

Last year I had a fling turned relationship with this girl I met through my job, I was six years older than her but she was the one engaging, and it is hard as hell to say no to horny Korean girl. The tables were quicky turned though, my libido is stupidly active and she was about 5'2 to my 6'1. I always wish my partners were more active when we have sex but being able to move her so easily made for some really animalistic fucking. Even with her riding me I could still buck hard enough into her that I would have to make sure that she stayed on. This is one time that I came up nude girlfriends with something really hot and went for it, only to have something even more kinky happen and I've wanted to try it in purpose ever since. I hadn't seen her in a while, so I wanted to make sure to really blow her mind and remind her what I constantly want to do to her. I'm a big dumb German, you can fill that in how you like. But my friend? nineteen year old Korean girl, dark nipples, short and thick in her hips in a way that made love to massage every bit of her. B-cup perky tits, dark and cute sensitive pussy, and her asshole was so tight I would never even pretend like anal was an option with my big pale cock. But that never stopped my tongue. We get inside my room, and thankfully my roommate is at work. I don't let her get three feet inside before I'm kissing and grabbing every inch of her, lightly pushing her against the blue wall where the door would otherwise be. She rubbed me through my pants, my hands are inside and out of her clothes but I'm not taking them off, I like to tease and I know that the feeling finally being fully naked can be a really sexy one so I like to build it up. She liked to wear skirts for me, and I like skirts for reasons like this. I kiss lower on her neck and bent my knees to reach my lips to her nipples, my hands lower and stronger than before, disturbing every piece of clothing she had on but still leaving them in the way. Even on my knees our height difference was such that my back was bent when I first pressed my lips into her pussy, my nose rubbing her clit through her panties. I love to eat pussy, so I do what comes naturally, the underwear had to go. With her hands alternating clawing the wall behind her and running through my hair, she had passed the point where she would argue or question anything I did. She was fun that way, she just wanted to cum and I was happy to oblige. I hike one leg up and she finishes the movement to lay it over my shoulder as I press my tongue into her wet pussy while my big soft lips slide across her labia and sensitive clit. To her surprise I shortly put the other leg up on the opposing shoulder, her petite weight now supported solely by my hands and balance with her back pressed against the wall. And I begin to push her up the wall. Until my back is straight. Until her feet wouldn't reach the floor if her legs were straight. I can't imagine what that must of felt like, me devoting my whole face to making her cum, her only physical support being out of her control and the surprise of it all. Her thighs were pressed into my ears but I still heard her beating on the wall above her head, enjoying her sex and trusting me to keep her upright. This is what I wanted, what I had planned. And then she did something I hadn't planned on. She pushed away from the wall. Hard. Her hips wrapped around my head were stronger than me, and I moved as she pushed me. By the time I had control she was too far from the wall to go back safely and she knew it, so she rode my face. I had gone from on my knees and going straight up to sitting on my ankles. And I kept working my whole jaw, lips tongue and let's be honest nose into her drenched pussy as her body shook, riding out the orgasm and clawing at the back of my head for stability. Her full weight resting on my jaw and shoulders, feet dangling down my back. I wish I had a picture or if I were really lucky video, but honestly that moment just plain gone. I couldn't hold that very long, and I felt the protests of my thighs for weeks after. Writing all of this makes me really miss that pain… We both got to the bed and expressed our disbelief over what just happened, finally got fully naked, we kissed with her love now soaked in and dried all over my face and I showed her how just how sexy she was with even more than my hands and mouth. Any reactions from lady-redditors are welcome, as I don't get to have this kind of fun right now. Woowhoo 1

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